Edmonton Tattoo Show 2015

This is a long overdue post about an event we did back in May.

Edmonton Northlands was the host site for The Edmonton Tattoo and Arts Show.  With the hall filled with local tattoo artists, there was a constant humming and buzzing of tattoo guns.  People were lined up to see some of their favorite companies and artists at work, making a design permanent on someone's skin.  Some people had the disappointment of not booking a session in advance and reserving a spot for their tattoo application.  While one side of the hall featured tattoo artists, the other side of the hall featured an art market filled with vendors eager to sell their products and goods.  Supplies, like tattoo aftercare and healing products were on site, as well as retailers of clothing and other merchandise.

Of course, this was a family show, so instead of getting the little kids poked with needles, we had the chance to adorn people with henna body art. Small children and adults both came to us during the weekend show to get henna on themselves.  Some people wanted the traditional Indian or Arabic style designs, while others resorted to non-traditional elements, and even "tattoo" style henna.

The photo below shows a guy who came in and wanted a whole sleeve done.  We started with the bear paw and boxed spirals, and then ventured into putting together a mix of random elements to make the whole sleeve come together!  

Here are some of our other favorites!

This gentleman wanted a "gun shaped" henna flow, which we translated into a mix of swirls and African style elements.

A cute little shoulder piece was part of a tattoo trial.  This cute girl wanted a mandala as a tattoo, but was too afraid of the pain of a tattoo.

Some people even came to the show with absolutely no intention of getting a tattoo, nor with any idea that henna body art existed!  About 10% of our customers that day were henna virgins (TM)!   This lovely lady had never gotten henna done and was thrilled with she let the artist just go with the flow!

Part of the show also included some flash tattoos!  We have these available for purchase!  They are so much fun to do and are a little bit addicting!  Flash or Metallic tattoos are temporary tattoos for children and adults.  They are applied with some water, and easily come off with some rubbing alcohol or oil.  What makes them so much fun is that they are metallic--gold and silver, with an occasional hint of black or turquoise.