Henna Cookies Part 1

What's the sweetest part of a wedding?  The cake!  And what's better than a wedding cake?  Wedding cookies! 

Decorated sugar cookies have been all the rage recently in weddings.  Sugar cookies can be decorated to match the wedding colors and are simply yummy goodness that the guests can enjoy to look at and eat.  There is no mess with the cookies, and you are guaranteed to not have any left overs, although some people might be hesitant to consume such pretty food.

Henna inspired cookies are simply the best thing that has happened in the henna and baking world.  The cookies can be made several days in advance, and can be arranged in any way.We recommend having a tiered stand so that the cookies can be displayed nicely.

These cookies were made for an Indian wedding with bright, vibrant colours.

The Tiffany blue background really makes the cookies pop when filled in intricate henna inspired lace and floral patterns.  Using orange and pink icing helps keep the contrast in the patterns while still being Bollywood themed.

A little bit of green helped the designs on the orange background pop!  Which cookie is your favourite?