Ganesh in Henna, Part 3

Lord Ganesh is an important deity in Hinduism.  He is among the five prime deities in Hinduism.  The others include Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga.

You will remember that we have a quick little eBook to celebrate Lord Ganesh.  You can get your hands on this eBook here:

While the ebook does feature some really unique Ganesh designs, we wanted to share a design that is not in the book.

There are a few things that are crucial to any Ganesh drawing.  One of them is the large crown, or Taj, of Lord Ganesh.  This is a fun motif to draw and can be altered in any way you want.  Lorg Ganesh will also feature two eyes and a trunk.  One interesting and unique thing about Lord Ganesh is the tusks.  Lord Ganesh will only have one full tusk in pictorial renditions of the diety.  There are a few different stories associated with why Ganesh only has one tusk.  One version says that Ganesh used one of his tusks as a pen to write the story of Mahabharata.  Another version attributes the loss of a tusk to heroism, when Ganesh was guarding the room of Lord Shiva and lost his tusk in protecting Shiva as an intruder struck him with an axe. Whatever version you go with, you will agree, that Ganesh is truly an amazing dirty in Hindu scriptures.

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