Henna Inspired Necklace

In the early part of fall, we were off to a photo shoot at the Muttart Conservatory. The idea of the photo shoot was to do a large neck piece on a slender and sexy woman.  The results were phenomenal!

As an artist with Henna Art, we come across many opportunities to build my portfolio.  With a little bit of time and creativity investment, we get professional photographs of our artwork.

This photo shoot was a little rushed, because we were fighting with the shorter days of Alberta.  With the sun setting quickly, all of us had to work quickly so the photographer could get some good shots in the lighting.Although we were fighting with the setting of the sun, we did end up with a few shots.

This photo shoot was henna inspired.  Although we didn't use henna, we did use a safe, Health Canada approved gel with black glitter.  The gel is washable and was thus only applied for the day.  (Sorry, we do not supply this product, but you may want to check some make-up or costume supply shops)

A special thanks to the following individuals for their efforts in this photo shoot.

Elizabeth Bernardin:  Make up Artist
Tineke Smith:  Hair
Ash Fenrich: Model
Henna :  Henna Art