Practice makes perfect Part 1

There is a saying that practice makes perfect. For some reason, this must be true, if the saying gets repeated. However, while practice might be important it's also important that the skill you are practicing is done so in a perfect way. There is no point in practicing something done incorrectly, right?

Now that you have some food for thought, let us show you some progressive work of bridal henna by one of our artists. 

This design was a bridal design done in July 2011. While it is a beautiful design, and one from our eBOOK Bridal Inspirations, ( does contain flaws. The spacing and placement of the main motifs are a bit skewed. In addition, the "white spaces" left in the design are not properly balanced. The fillers are not as complete and neatly placed as they could be. 

Fast forward a year to this design done around June 2012.  The elements are placed better and the entire bridal design lies on the foundation of juxtaposition. The use of geometric fillers balanced with floral elements give this design a visual appeal. However, when compared to more popular work, this design lacks complexity. 

Next week, we will go over some more designs done in more recent years.