Purchasing the Right Henna Kit

You love getting henna done?

You want to try doing mehndi yourself?

You want to try a new media to expand your art portfolio?

You went to a Indian wedding and loved seeing henna on the hands?

You have been seeing people walk around town with a beautiful design and you want your hands on that?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you want to get your hands on a do it yourself kit for henna body art.  Henna is also known as mehndi, mehendi, or heena.  No matter how it's referred, let's make sure you are able to purchase the right henna kit!

First of all, Henna Art offers a Beginner DIY Henna Kit that is ready to use, AND ready to use products, so no mixing or waiting involved!  Check out our Handmade henna cones

You might be wondering WHERE TO BUY HENNA KITS (or HENNA TATTOO KITS).  You can of course buy them through our website, at a local STOCKIST, or at one of our local events.  You definitely DO NOT want to buy a kit from eBay (unless of course it contains the best kit ingredients) or even from Amazon (again, unless it contains the best kit ingredients).

When you buy something online, make sure you have the following information:  the exact ingredients with measurements in weight or volume of what will be included in the kit.  You also want to make sure you have the company's name and address where you are ordering from.  In addition, consider purchasing policies, shipping and return policies, and take a look at the photos of the kit.  Also, take a look at the quality of the henna and essential oils offered in the kit.  The fresher the better, and stick to essential oils that you have heard of, like tea tree or eucalyptus.  Some kits sell oil blends, so be sure to know EXACTLY what ingredients are in the oil blend before ordering.

There are kits out there that sell "henna oil" as part of the kit.  PLEASE NOTE:  there is no such thing as henna oil, and this is just a marketing scam to get people to buy their product.  Instead, the "henna oil" these companies refer to is just a blend of alcohols and terpinols with fragrance.  BE AWARE! You have been warned!

Henna Art's Beginner DIY Kit.

Each Beginner DIY kit contains:

  • 50 grams of organic henna powder (from the freshest crop of the year--note, that the crop for the current year becomes available in October)
  • 10 mL blend of steam distilled essential oils (tea tree, cajeput, and naiouli)
  • a 1/2 ounce squeeze bottle with a 0.7mm metal tip for application
  • a carrot bag to help get the henna paste into the bottle
  • instructions and some design ideas to get you started
  • Payment via credit card or Paypal
  • Shipping via Canada Post 
  • Returns on damaged or unused items up to 14 days after receiving your purchase
If you still need some convincing about where to buy the right henna kit, have a little discount on us!  Use coupon code ilovehenna to save 10% on your purchase!  

Happy Henna-ing!