Things to consider when purchasing a henna kit

There are a few things to consider when buying a henna body art kit.  

In order to make sure we have the best quality kit available for everyone, we have tackled the following things to make henna kit purchasing easy for you.  We hope you will consider purchasing our Beginner DIY henna kit.  

1-buy henna kits that are properly labelled.  Look for red-flag ingredients like lead, sodium hydroxide, or the famous paraphenylenediamine (PPD).  Although there are several government and health warnings about the use of PPD in black henna, be aware that some companies add this chemical to "red" henna as well.  Just make sure whatever kit you are purchasing contains ingredients.  Did you know that legally, in north america, you have to list ingredients in cosmetic products by their biological names (meaning, that henna powder has to be written as lawsonia inermis.  The common name of an ingredient is optional when listing items, but the biological name is MANDATORY by law.)

2-buy henna kits that are for body art.  While henna can be used to dye the hair and nails, fibers and other natural materials, you want to make sure you are grabbing a kit specifically for body art.  This will ensure that  your powder is super fine, so it doesn't clog your applicator, and the quality of the ingredients will be at its best.

3-Always do a patch test first by applying henna to a small area of your body. Wait up to 24 hours to see if you develop any adverse reactions. Although an allergy may be to blame, side effects such as irritation and sores are often due to impure henna that has toxic chemicals, metallic salts, or other irritating ingredients added to it.  (did you know that some kits include walnut husk powder or clove powder with the henna?  These are high irritants and can cause severe allergic reactions to people who are not aware that these ingredients are part of the powder).

4-Be sure that your kit includes aftercare instructions on how to take care of your henna body art, your henna paste, and storage of your kit.  If these instructions are NOT included, make sure you contact the supplier for this information, or just don't purchase this kit!

5-NEVER buy a fast acting, emergency henna, guaranteed red/brown, or any type of colored henna.  There is no such thing as colored henna, so companies making these products are doing so by fooling the consumer.  There is no such thing as colored henna!

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