Criss Cross Henna

If you have mastered the technique of lines, you will LOVE doing all the various criss cross designs in henna.  Criss-Cross designs, or cross hatch designs do not have to be simple anymore.  There are various ways to play with designs and layouts to incorporate criss cross designs.

Here is a design using the concept of checkerboard.  The checkerboard fingers are a unique touch on the fingers and help break away from the floral elements that traditional Indo-Arabic designs feature.
(Tip:  draw the cross hatch lines, and wait for them to dry a bit.  Once they are dry, fill in the all alternating boxes.  Go the extra step and fill the empty boxes with a small dot).

 In the design below, although not solid criss cross lines are used, the concept is still used.  The squiggly lines cross each other to create the design for the fingers.  This is a unique filler for the fingers and helps break away from the super floral bridal design.

This "Henna by Divya" style design uses the concept of criss cross lines on the finger tips.  Then, the addition of floral and swirl elements balances each finger design out.  For each of the fingers, a border line is first drawn, then filled in with criss cross lines.  With a little more effort, each box is filled with a small dot to give this filler a unique twist.

Although this design was done on an Acrylic Hand Template, this criss cross design was seen the most during the 2015 henna season.  This design uses sets of parallel lines and dots on the four sides.  While this filler can take a while to execute, the design looks gorgeous anywhere.  

The criss-cross filler is best done when you have some patience and a bit of space to work with.  This works best with cuff or wrist designs, but can be applied anywhere.  Below are some examples.

The possibilities of criss cross lines are endless!  What are some of your favorite designs and how well can you do criss-cross?