Finger Designs

While symmetry and similarity are beautiful and desired by some, there has been a new trend in the henna world which is appealing to others.  Hipsters and brides alike, everyone should experiment with the idea of different finger designs to make their henna design be truly unique.  The concept of finger designs is not something new.  While traditional bridal designs used the viney fingers, more modern designs use design elements like checkerboards or a mix of designs for the fingers.

The amazing thing about doing just a finger design is the versatility you get with the concept.  You can do just about any design you can think of on each finger.  It doesn't matter if your elements are from African styles, or Arabic styles, or if they are simply old school Indian.  What ties it all together is the idea that all the fingers will be different, but all the fingers will be covered.

Here are  few design for you to oogle over!