Progressive drawing of a funky design part 2

This week, we will go over how to do a funky design from Mehndi Look Book Volume 1. Mehndi Look Book is a design book series that features designs for your guests and client sat a wedding or festival setting. The design in each book are inspired by popular trends, and feature funky layouts and design elements unique from the boring paisley flower pattern. 

The cool thing about henna is the various ways you can incorporate different elements. The progressive drawing this week will incorporate the element of flowers, vine, paisley, and geometric filler to comp,eye this design. The flower chain that goes to the ring finger is the unique feature in this design, and is very different from other type of finger designs. If you end up doing this design on someone, be sure to share it with us on Facebook or Instagram, using hashtag #HennaArtCanada.

Start with a set of curved lines. This is where the first design element will be placed. You can place the vine as high as you want on the wrist, because the rest of the design will be spaced out equally on the hand. 

Add a bud or leaf, and then a swirl on the parallel lines. 
Next, you will draw in your next elements.  Keep in mind of the space you leave between the vine and this element. You will want to make sure your third set of design elements are spaced equally. 
Continue the design by adding in a flower and swirls.
Add in a curved leaf shape and fill it in with a geometric design. 
Add in a flower and swirls. 
Your next set of motifs should be angled towards the ring finger. Here, we have added a swirl and larger tear drop style shapes and shaded them in. 
An outline of a line with dots and another floral motif makes the angling to the ring finger just right.
Finally, add a row of flowers until you reach the end of the ring finger (nailed if doing this design on the back of the hand).