Touch up my Mehndi

We did an experiment with new henna on old henna. The henna paste used was our Signature Henna Paste.  Remember, henna is NEVER black and should only be made with essential oils and fresh henna powder.  NO chemicals are required for dark staining henna.

First, we had a henna design applied on the skin. Then, after 5 days, we applied fresh henna paste on the fading, 5 day old design. 

This photo shows the results of our experiment! When the design is simple enough to cover up with fresh henna paste, you can re-do the design, or "touch up" the henna. The stain of the fresh paste will be deep!  The stain does fade away about as quickly as fresh henna would, but the touch up on the mehndi makes the stain a bit darker and freshens up the design.