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January is a great time to relax, recover, discover, improve and grow when you are a henna artist.  The rush from the holiday season is quieter during the month of January, and it's just enough time to rest a bit before starting to plan for the rest of the year.  In 2016, we want you to discover and grow as a henna artist.  While we all have personal resolutions to be more fit, more healthy, more loving, spend more time on something we love.... we want you to grow as an artist and get creative!

That's why for the month of January 2016, we are giving away our bridal eBooks for free!  

Head on over to our website and take a look at Bridal Inspirations, Volume 1 and Volume 2.  

You will remember in November 2012 we released Bridal Inspirations Volume 1.  This volume contained 11 hand designs and 4 feet designs for bridal henna.  You could get inspiration from the designs and try to incorporate the elements in your bridal applications.

Volume 2 was released in January 2014.  This collection of designs features 15 bridal hand designs with all sorts of elements.  You will find design elements ranging from bold, shaded flowers, to majestic peacocks, to psychedelic checkerboard patterns, and much more!

This electronic design book allows anyone, no matter what part of the world you come from, to get inspired by bridal henna designs. You can order the e-books on our website, along with several other great things!  

Some of the designs are popular designs our artists have been applying, while other designs are ones that we personally have not done yet, and are waiting to try it on a bride for 2016.  These designs are for inspiration for you.  Take a part of a design, or the whole design and apply it.  You can simplify the design by eliminating details, or you make some of the designs more intense and intricate by adding details.  Seek inspirations from Arabic and Indian inspired henna designs for the bride or special occasions.  No matter when you apply the mehndi, you can always seek design inspiration from Bridal Inspirations Volume 1 and Volume 2

If you are looking for that special design for your big day, or starting to book bridal henna for 2014, Volumes 1 and 2 are a must have in your design portfolio. Both the e-books are filled with creative designs that will stun your clients.  Depending on your client's taste, there are designs with Indian and Arabic influence, and of course all the designs can be altered.
One of the best things about having this book in electronic (e-book) format is that you can print the pages you want to print.  If there are designs that you are not comfortable doing, don't add those pages in your portfolio.  And if your design pages get ruined, lost, or get a little too much henna paste or glitter on it, you can just print another page of the design.

Finally, since this is an electronic book, you can print pages and make notes directly on the sheet of paper.  Some common notes are things to add or subtract from the design, where the design should begin on the arm, details for the application, and even inspirational quotes!

Here is a preview of some of the designs we have already done so you can start getting excited about these volumes!  But remember, they are only free for the month of January, so head on over and get your eBooks.

Inspiration from a page in the design, mixed with other design elements

AND... because you are reading our blog, download Bridal Inspirations Volume 2 for FREE by using coupon codebridal2free  (download it quickly, it's only free for the first 50 people).