Animals in Henna Part 2

Last week we did a post on using animals in henna.  ( This week, we are continuing on this series and will share with you something "animal worthy"

A popular item the past henna season and likely again this year has been feathers.  Feathers are a beautiful motif to apply with henna.  The most popular feather we have seen is the peacock feather, and the various renditions of it. 

 The one below is actually a design from our eBook Mandalas and Motfis

This feather was done in conjunction with a peacock motif for a new bride for Karva Chauth.  

This glittery feather is actually two peacock feathers put together for a feather enthusiast at Kaliedo Fest in Edmonton.  

Another popular peacock feather was applied as an addition to a henna design during a wedding party. 

This peacock feather was actually applied on the back of a bridal design.  

Along with the wispy feathers as seen in the henna designs above, this simple but bold peacock design features feathers that run on the fingers and thumb.  (did you know this is one of the most stolen photos from our collection?)

Although not quite a peacock feather, this foot design features the wispiness of a peacock feather, in a bold, side of the foot design.  

What's more beautiful than a peacock feather?  A feather breaking off into little birds (although not likely with peacocks since they don't fly).  This was a tattoo trial at a Edmonton festival during the summer.  

Finally, a non-peacock feather!  This feather design, seen on the instagram and pinterest feeds, was applied on the inside wrist portion of the arm.  It's whimsical details make this feather design loved by many!