Henna Selfie

Selfies have been all the rage ever since cell phones started coming with back and front cameras. Although there is lots of research on the psychological urge to take selfies, we aren't talking about those kinds of selfies. Instead, let's talk about doing henna selfies... Meaning, doing henna on yourself. 

One of the best thing about being a henna artist is having the access and ability to do henna on yourself anytime and anyplace. 
Sometimes, you don't even wait for the henna stain from before to fade away completely before applying a new design. 

Sometimes, you even go and paint your fingernails to make your henna look good for the photo. We all do that at some point of the year, just like fixing up your hair or pouting your lips for a face selfie. 

Sometimes, you do a henna selfie with the intention of just a small doodle, but then go on to do a much larger area of the body. These selfies usually come up in the middle of the night, in the wee hours when you SHOULD be sleeping. And just so you don't wake up your roommate or partner, you deal with the worst of lighting to take a photo of your work, and then have to edit your selfie to make sure it looks good. 

Sometimes, you find the need to take a henna selfie in the weirdest of all places, but the lighting and background seem perfect so you secretly snap a photo before some catches you. (Secret: this photo was taken in the bathroom with the sink in the background. She had to maneuver her hand to cover up the drain).

And sometimes, henna selfies are taken with the help of a friend in their backyard. 

No matter when, where or how you do it, just make sure you take a quick henna selfie. This way, you can add to your portfolio of designs, work out a design you imagined, do a concept design, progress your henna talent, and keep a log of the stuff you have been into in the henna world. Taking selfies are a great way to document and catalog your henna journey. 

Happy henna-selfying!