Taking photos at busy festivals

When you are at a busy festival setting, you are dealing with lots of things happening.  Customers are walking by and you want to say hello so you don’t seem rude.  You also probably have customers looking through your designs, or touching things on your table.  You might even have some products displayed so you want to make sure not one is breaking or stealing anything.  You might even be dealing with the wind, or the weather deities blowing things or making them wet or making them too hot.  You are dealing with a too warm or too cold henna cone, glitter all over your face, and a fidgety customer.  All in all, you are dealing with a lot of things at a busy festival setting.  And in the midst of all of this, you want to kind of make sure that you take photos of your work. 

This week’s post will give you tips on making sure you take some nice photos of your henna body art work at busy festival settings. 

First of all, make sure you have an array of beautiful backgrounds.  This might be various pillows, table mats or table cloths, parasols, or just a collection of fabrics.  This will ensure that the type of artwork you did will correspond to its background. 

Secondly, you want to make sure you have plenty of lighting. Do henna in the most well lit portion of your booth space.  This means getting as much natural lighting as possible, or having a bright light during dark evenings.  Where ever your brightest lighting is, do the henna there. 
Thirdly, have your camera ready to shoot photos all the time.  Make sure the battery is charged, you have the setting set correctly (auto, portrait, macro, etc), and have your flash or manual settings set if you are on a DSLR.  This means your white balance and mode setting. 

Finally, try to remember to take photos!  This is the hardest thing to remember!  Make sure you tell the customer to remind you to take a photo before they leave—this way, they feel important and special enough to have a piece done that’s “photo-worthy”

Hopefully these tips are helpful for you to make sure you take a few quick photos of you henna work in busy settings. 

These are from the Edmonton Tattoo Show we did in May 2015