Drab to Fab Henna Part 1

Ever feel like the little design you did on your foot or palm needs a little bit more mehndi magic?  Sometimes, when doing henna, you may feel that your designs are a little bit drab.  They are good designs, but they don't pop out like the amazing designs you may have seen on Pinterest or on Instagram.  You have a steady hand, have most of the design basics down, and know how to put together a motif, but there is just that little something that is still missing. 

This blog series, Drab to Fab Henna, will focus on giving you tips and techniques to help make your henna designs look amazing.  Go from flat henna, to henna that pops. 

This week, we will look at a henna motif design.  The design incoproates flowers, leaves and a paisley.  Now the design is not bad at all.  It's well balanced, contains details and bold elements.  However, this design is still a little bit drab.  Let's learn how to make it FABulous!
 All we have done in the design below is spruced it up a bit. We started by first filling in the details of the empty leaves on the left part of the central flower.  Since we filled in the leaves with details, it's important to make sure those details pop. We simply did this by adding an outline layer to the three leaf section. 
Now, to make the flower and paisley really pop in this motif, we simply darkened the edges of the design.  First we darkened the petals of the flower, then we darkened the inside of the paisley, and then we darkened the centres of the small flowers. 
Finally, we added a few dots to the motif to make it cute and complete. 

 If you compare both the photos, you will really see the difference from the DRAB to the FAB.  These basic changes helped make the design really pop and gave it life. 

We will try to do these designs as often as we can for our Workshop Wednesday Tutorials, but would LOVE your feedback and your designs that you want to improve.  Send us an email to info@HennaArt.ca with Drab to Fab in the subject and include a photo of your design or motif. 

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