How do you jam?

How do you Jam? 

We have been jamming with Jamila! Jamila henna powder 2015 is a beautiful, smooth and silky powder for body art. It has a super dark stain, is very easy to work with, and is very easy to mix! Check out the tutorial on mixing Jamila henna powder here:  

If you don't want to mix up your own henna paste, you also have the option of getting hand made henna cones.  Our Jamila cones are mixed with fresh jamila powder, lemon juice, and an essential oil blend.  Our proprietary special blend of essential oils is a mix of Tea Tree, Cajeput, and Niaouli essential oils--all perfect for deep henna stains. 

You have the option of buying Jamila henna powder OR handmade Jamila cones--BOTH for 20% off. Use coupon code JamJam on our website. Offer valid until April 30th.