Drab to Fab Henna Part 2

This week's Drab to Fab Tutorial will feature a beautiful jewelry style design.  Henna body art that looks like jewelry has been very trendy lately.  Many artists, and even tattoo artists are applying henna and henna style tattoos with dangling dots and chandelier inspired curves.  This type of design work is very feminine and very sensual.

Let's start with a basic flower motif.  We will add on the dangling jewelry bits to this flower.
 Start off by adding lines to the bottom of the flower.  The centre line should be the longest, followed by shorter lines on the sides, progressively getting shorter as you move further away. 
 Then, we will add "jewels" to the bottom of these lines--but leave out a couple of lines, otherwise, the style is going to look too precise.
 We will continue by adding bold dots.  We will also add dots to the two lines that did not get the jewels. 
 Then, we will fill up the lines with smaller dots, like pearls or beads. 
 Finish off the lines with dots that vary in thickness. 
 Finally, finish off with a couple of dots at the bottom of the jewels. 

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