Infinity Edge Design step by step Part 3

For the past few weeks, you may have seen some posts with the Infinity Edge.  This hot design design trend is probably one of the easiest things you will learn to do!  The infinity edge is an easy way to apply designs when you really don't want to think.  The harsh edges to the infinity edge make it great to incorporate the design motif in any style of design, whether it's for bridal henna, just a simple bail design, or even a cute little belly design.

This week's Workshop Wednesday will focus on doing the infinity edge in the heart shape.

The method to doing any infinity edge design is the same.  Start with your guide lines, then fill in the space with intricate designs.

For the heart edge, we will start out with our guide lines in the shape of a heart.
 Then, we go in and fill in the space with intricate details.  Little flowers and leaves are great fillers, along with swirls and curls. 

A smaller heart will give you a smaller design with fewer details.  You can make your infinity edge motif as intricate or detailed as you wish.  Here is another heart motif.  This one was a bit bigger, so we had more space to incorporate various elements.  You will notice in both the designs, however, that we have incorporated the criss cross filler.  This is a great way to fill in the awkward space created by your different motifs. 
Here is the heart infinity edge done with henna on the skin.

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