Drab to Fab Henna Part 3

This week's Drab To Fab post will feature a mandala design.  Mandalas are so easy and so much fun to do.  They require a little bit of patience and planning, but the end result is always beautiful.  Mandalas represent balance, centrality, and being grounded.  They also represent connection, and equality. 

The mandala below is good and pretty, but it doesn't pop out like it should.  It looks a little bit drab, boring and plain.  It seems like there was not much effort put into this design.  There is too much white space in the elements of the mandala.  Let's make it pop a little bit and make it fabulous!

 This tutorial will use pretty much dots and a little bit of coloring in in order to make this design fabulous.  Start by filling in the little diamond shapes on the outer-most part of the mandala.  And also add some dots to the tops of the diamonds while you are at it. This already makes our mandala look more lively.
Next, we will add some more dots to the leaves on the inside of the mandala.  And larger dots on the flower petals. 
 We will finish off this design by adding another set of dots above the little sprouts in the largest petals. 
 This design has now gone from drab to Fab! 

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