Make It Show Part 2

The Preparation

In our previous post, we talked about the planning phase of doing a show as large as Make-It.  While there are many challenges to consider, when your mind is put to it, you are able to come up with the best solutions for your situation.  A few challenges we had were the following:  This would be the first time a vendor like us attends the Make It Show--Will it be profitable?  Will there be interest from the shoppers in what we have to offer?  Will there be too much "other" competition from jewelry, clothing, body care sellers that will take away the attention from our potential customers for henna?  Will the size and space of our booth be enough for what we need?  How are we going to show off our henna work to the hundreds of people walking by without putting up huge signage or playing loud music?  Are shoppers at this event looking to purchase henna?  Will we have enough attention from the shoppers to at least educate them on safe henna and the harmful effects of black henna?

Once some of the questions you have are resolved, it's time to go ahead with the application of the show, (hopefully get accepted), and then proceed to preparing for the show.  

One of our goals for this indoor gift and crafts show was to make sure that we had a beautiful set up that would attract attention from far away. With 140 vendors, it's so easy for a customer to just keep on walking without taking a minute to look at your booth space.  There were vendors close to us who had bright and colorful displays and packaging, and other vendors who had a much bigger space.  Some vendors were at the corner of the aisle, while other vendors had display shelving that was breathtaking itself!  

So, we had to do something pretty amazing in order to keep a potential customer's attention.  With our new branded packaging, we wanted to give people the feel for traditional henna without going away from our brand colours and without getting too "busy" with our backgrounds.  

One of our preparations was to create a beautiful backdrop that would scream henna, but would still be beautiful and clean.  We did this by hand painting a large canvas that was already primed.  

We then hung a disco ball in front of our set up to flash the bright colors onto the black and white canvas.  This got everyone's attention, gave our muted and neutral booth some color and kept things minimalist at the same time.  We also had an iPad running a slideshow of henna work.  This kept our henna booth interesting for the passerby, and kept things different without having to move anything around

We hope you are able to seek inspiration from our booth set up.  If you do, please be sure to give us some credit and to also share with us!  When you share our company, blog posts, and products, we are able to continue providing you with FREE content, ideas, design books and keep our prices low.  

Happy Henna-ing!