Drab to Fab Henna Part 4

This week's Workshop Wednesday will feature a Drab to Fab tutorial.  Our previous tutorials featured Indo-arabic motifs, mandala spruce up, and even a jewelry style makeover.  This week, we will go back to making a simple henna motif fabulous!
The design on the left is actually a pretty nice design.  It is well balanced and contains enough details to be considered an Indian filler, but also has enough white space to not get lost.  We actually started with our motif looking like this one:  It was well balanced, and had white space within the flower. 
 We added a little bit of details in the flower petals to bring the flower to life.
 We thickened up the lines and curls to make them pop and be distinguished from the other lines.
 We added some more sprouts and dots to complete the look. 
 The final touch was the addition of the disappearing dots at the top of the motif in order to connect it together with the rest of the motif.