Sanj's Bridal Henna

Bridal henna and the mehndi party are one of the first events in a major Indian or Pakistani wedding (sometimes, this is preceeded by the "engagement" ceremony a day or two before the wedding festivities kick off).  We were lucky to have an easy going bride for a beautiful bridal henna session last month.

Sanj came into our studio for a quick consultation.  We went over how the bridal henna application would work, design ideas and did a quick trial for her.  Sanj was super quick at choosing a design for her bridal henna.  She chose her hand and feet designs from Bridal Inspirations Volume 1 and asked us to create something unique for her palm.  Her one request was to incorporate a bride and groom in the palm of her hands. 

Sanj wanted her bridal design to be beautiful, but not over cluttered.  She wanted lots of white space and wanted to keep it pretty simple, but still going up to her elbows.

Her feet designs were pretty intense.  Again, this design from Bridal Inspirations Volume 1 gave her exactly what she wanted--simple, bold, balanced.

Our bridal artist, Kassidy, was hard at work, making sure to give attention to all the details of the application.

A unique thing that we do for bridal henna sessions is add matching glitter and stones for the henna day. The glitter and stones are temporary, and just for fun--to match the bride's outfit for the bridal session.  Sanj had on yellow, green and maroon so we made sure to incorporate those colours.