City Market -Henna

Mehndi at City Market
It was my first experience ever visiting the blocked off street in downtown Edmonton. As I drank my morning coffee, I admired the diverse vendors that scattered 104 street & 102 avenue. It was comforting to watch the young families who came for food and enjoyed the live musicians as their children danced around the center square.  Many who came to get fresh produce from local farms. The live acoustic artists performed covers by The Lumineers, Oasis, Radiohead and much more. 

I had the opportunity to converse with dog, ferret and parrot owners who brought them along for a stroll. It was an excellent day to do live henna with no cloud in the sky. Educating locals about the services and products makes what we do so enjoyable. If you have not checked it out, this is a small taste of what Edmontonian Culture is all about.

Make sure to pay us a visit!