Posing for Bridal Henna

Although you might be getting married, or have a client who will be getting married in the near future, one of the most important things about bridal henna (for the artist and bride) is to take a photo. 

Bridal henna photos are really important for the artist for a few reasons.  First, they are capturing the art that they have just spent hours working on--unfortunately, this form of art is temporary and walks away from them when completed, so it's important to capture the art with a photo.  Secondly, the photo becomes part of the artist's portfolio.  This gives future clients and brides a variety of designs to select from that are the artist's own work.  This also allows the artist to reflect on the design, self critique, and compare application skills from the past and future.  Another reason taking bridal henna photos are important is because the client is capturing the moment in time when she had her bridal henna done.  With all the traditional Indian wedding festivities, it's important to capture one of the major events that kicked off the entire celebration.  With all the other festivities, it's easy to sometimes forget the timeless beauty of bridal henna--thus taking a photo is a great reminder of that time. 

So what can you do to make posing for bridal henna easy?  Here are a few tips for bridal henna poses.

1--relax your hands and feet.  Don't make your hands and feet tense--it shows in the photo.  Be natural, but also posed.  Keep your fingers together, relaxed and palms open.  This hand position makes your fingers and hands look graceful and long, and really help the bridal design stand out.  Hold this stance throughout the henna party, so that others who are taking your photos can have the whole look. 

2--when photographing your palms, try to keep them as close together as you can.  This helps to capture the palms in a single photo frame.  With the palms together, you are also able to capture the details of the design, without having too much background distractions.

3--when you are standing up for a photo, be sure to relax your shoulders and bring your arms in.  Yes, you have henna all over your hands and feet, but there is no need to have your arms sticking out.  You want to make sure your bridal henna photos are graceful and capture the essence of bridal henna in that one shot.  Relaxing and bringing in your arms will allow the photographer to also capture some of your outfit or background.