Block Printing Cards

Using wooden stamps and block printing them are a great way to get creative without picking up a single henna cone!  This week's workshop post shows you how to use wooden stamps to block print your own cards or stationary.

Block printing is a calming and therapeutic form of art.  Block prints can be done with things as simple as potatoes, leaves, textured materials, and as extensive as linoleum blocks and wooden blocks. 

Lucky for us, we have access to amazing hand carved wooden block stamps.  These wooden stamps feature designs that are henna inspired and are individually hand carved. Each pattern displays a unique texture and each print is completely different because of the nature of block printing. 

This week's workshop Wednesday will teach you how to use these block printing stamps to print your own cards. 

You will need the following items: 
  • small piece of sponge
  • wooden block stamp
  • pieces of thin foam
  • a plastic or disposable tray for ink
  • block printing ink in your choice of color
  • paper, card stock or blank card

Start with first making your sponge wet with water.  Squeeze out the excess water from the sponge.

Squeeze out a small amount of block printing ink onto your plastic or disposable tray/plate.  The block printing ink is thick, but DO NOT try to thin it out with water!
Dip your sponge and load it with the block printing ink.  Make sure you are getting a good amount of ink on your sponge.

Dab your sponge on the block stamp.  Make sure you are covering all of the design with ink. 

Once your block stamp is loaded with ink, place it on your paper.  Be sure you have your paper on a stack of foam sheets.  The foam sheets under the paper help give some elasticity to your stamping.  Since the block is completely straight and cannot move around, you need to make sure you have some sort of cushioning to help transfer your image completely onto your paper. 

Slowly remove your block to reveal the print.  Remember, because of the organic nature of blocks, each print will be completely different and unique!

Enjoy your newly printed card.  Allow the ink to dry for about 1 hour, or as the instructions state on the block print ink bottle.

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