Floral Henna Sleeve

Doing henna in sleeve form is a fun project to do.  Floral sleeves feature a collection of sleeves that cover your entire arm.

Henna sleeves are an amazing endeavor in the henna world!  They are intense arm pieces (sometimes legs as well) that start at the shoulder and work down the entire arm.  

Occasionally, sleeves will wrap all the way around and literally cover the whole arm. 
Flowers are representative of growth and beauty in henna.  They are a fun element to use to do a complete floral sleeve.  Flowers in henna are a versatile motif because of the infinite variations you can use. 

working on the floral sleeve using various flowers and leaves.  www.HennaArt.ca
Working on sleeves is fun, but does require a lot of time time, patience and effort.  Here are some tips on doing a full floral henna sleeve:

  • be sure to have a comfortable seating arrangement for yourself and your client
  • tell your client to sit still--perhaps he/she can bring something to read while you work on their sleeve
  • have plenty of henna cones on hand, just so you don't run out of henna paste in the middle of your session
  • have a friend help you take photos of your work--you should capture the progression of the sleeve as well as the complete piece
  • be prepared with your camera to take some creative shots of your client--outside, against a wall, among trees, etc.
  • take breaks during your application to look back at the design and stretch your body--this is important for the artist and your client as well
  • always have fun doing your henna sleeve!