Henna Boutique

One of our favorite moments when new people arrive at Henna Art's Boutique is the element of surprise.  They are not expecting what they will see in our space.

Our Boutique is located in the North East part of the city of Edmonton.  The building is residential apartments on top, and commercial spaces on the main floor.  The building is a classic 1960s construction project that is unassuming from the outside, and the entrance can be tricky to find. Then you find parking in the back alley and make your way up into our space, not really sure WHAT to expect

So entering Henna Art Boutique is a somewhat unique adventure.  With the space being busy with new immigrant students from Somalia, sometimes our guests are certain that they are in the wrong space.  However, when they realize that google maps did in fact drive them to the right space, they are a little bit confused.  

Our Boutique is in a shared office space in an honestly weird part of town.  Our suite, however, is far from being weird.  It is constantly evolving and changing.  With our shipping supply centre across the hall from the boutique, we are constantly trying to find more ways to make our space more unique and more "boutique-like."

Although it may seem like you are in the middle of nowhere and just want to get your henna supplies and move along... we encourage our visitors to come in and ask us questions about our products.  We have a full shelf dedicated to resources you can access--from articles and designs, to photos and tips and tricks.  

Our boutique is like a club house where all are welcome--no code words, no secret knocks, no membership fees--just come find us! 

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