Roses and Vines Sleeve

Along with floral henna sleeves, another favorite of ours is doing roses and vines.  Roses are beautiful flowers in nature and can really come to life with the right techniques in henna.  Roses have all the layers of petals which can cover a large area of the skin and can be a little tedious shading in.
Complete rose and vine sleeve done by Kassidy.
Vines are also a fun addition to any henna design.  Vines can take up a large area of space while providing the "white space" that a dense design may need.  If you want to perfect your vine application skills, be sure to download our Drills Volume 2 ebook, which features practices specifically for vines.
Our rose sleeve started with the application of roses.  Each rose was placed on various parts of the arm and connected with a vine motif.  Once all of the roses and vines were applied, our artist went back to fill in all the details for shading.