YEG Henna

Our only passion is to give clients the best henna experience possible.  The art of henna is unique and should be enjoyed by everyone.  Our approach to henna is professional and down to earth.  We know that there are things that people like and dislike, and that is completely okay!  Just because one of our artists loves to do traditional henna elements like paisleys and peacocks, it does not mean that we have to stick to just that style and design motif.  Instead, we try to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and do designs that are out of the ordinary. 

 This challenges us as artists and also put a smile on our clients' face.   

This post is titled YEG Henna for a good reason.  We want to show you what henna should be like from us (and we are located in YEG--Edmonton).

Henna from us is based on an attention to detail.  We take pride in the ancient art of henna, and believe that it's important to show you authentic and true beauty of this art form.
We strongly believe in being precise, accurate and clean with our artwork, so that you not only have a beautiful design, but a design that is crisp and clean.

We focus on the things that you want in your design.  We know that each person has their own favorite element they prefer, and want to make sure that we can incorporate that element in your design.  We believe that the art of henna should be a process that is enjoyed from start to finish.

We are confident in the quality of our product and pride in the fact that we use organic, natural ingredients, with NO harsh or artificial chemicals, preservatives or additions.  We love our recipe for henna body art paste so much that we are not afraid to share it with you! 

We know that if you walk in with an expectation, that we will do our best to make sure your expectation is met as best as we can make it happen.  From tattoo trials, to bridal henna designs and Valentine's day henna love, we try to make it all happen.

Henna is not magic--it's pure science and method, but when you deal with us, we make sure it's magical.  Our attention to detail, client focus and quality organic ingredients make all the science and method of henna come together into a spectacular experience. That is what YEG henna is all about.  That is what we are all about at Henna Art.