Mother's Day MadHatter Tea Party 2016

Last year, we went from Edmonton to Barrhead, Alberta to be part of a very special event.  The event was organized just a day before Mother's Day, 2016.  It was a way to get mom's and their children to come out and enjoy an afternoon with lots of fun activities and for a good cause.  The event was held to raise money for cancer research, as well as be a fun event for women.

There were beautiful and creative decorations, following the theme of the MadHatter.  Along with tea, we had delicious tarts and a deli lunch.  A few vendors included a dream reader, jewelry, gemstones, jams and jellies, and of course we were doing henna there!

All the henna was priced at $10, and the guests got to choose a style of design from a portfolio slideshow.  Some of the guests chose designs that were really intricate, while others chose simple designs. 


 Mothers came with their daughters and got henna done together.  And sister's came with each other and asked mamma to pay for their henna too!
 All in all, the event was a great success!  The people of Barrhead, AB had a really great opportunity to get unique events and products all in one package, with FREE admission!