May Henna Cone Sale

This month, we want you to be sure to stock up on your henna supplies and cones.  Take 20% off all henna cones from May 28-June 3rd, 2017.  That's a simple, 20% discount on any henna cones. 

Use coupon code May4Henna to save. 

We have a variety of cones to choose from. 

Our Signature Henna Cones uses our in house, signature recipe using organic lemon juice, sugar, and our proprietary blend of essential oils.  Our blend of essential oils is a combination of Tea Tree, Cajeput, and Naiouli essential oils.  More details on our website.

We also have Jamila henna cones, made with Jamila henna powder.  This powder is very creamy and smooth, compared to our organic henna powder, which is very elasticy. 

Also check out our other henna cones:

Handmade organic henna cone using our signature recipe with organic henna powder and organic essential oils.

Our Lavender henna cone is made with lavender essential oil.  25 grams each. Handmade with organic henna powder, lavender essential oil and lemon juice.

Which ever Mehndi Cone you decide to order, be sure to use our coupon to save 20%