Bridal Henna Feet Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, we did a post on bridal henna feet and it's glory.  Today, we will show you all the glitz and glamour of bridal henna, including glitter!

Some bridal henna designs are heavy on one side of the foot, and lighter on the other.  This gives the foot a yin-yan type of feet.  This is also a unique layout for bridal henna designs, and makes for amazing photos!

Other designs are just flowy and floral.  These are easy to apply on the first foot, and a bit more challenging on the second foot. 
Finally, there are designs that are very balanced with geometric-floral elements, and design flow.  These designs are easy to place on the foot, and are pretty easy to replicate. 

The best part in most of these designs is the GLITTER!  Glitter and stone accents give bridal henna feet the glamour that they deserve.  With glitter application to match the outfit for the bride, it's the perfect addition to a beautiful henna design.