Bridal Henna Feet

Bridal henna is the most spectacular type of henna (at least in our opinion)!  It comes with all the glamour and glitz of a bride, along with many traditional things, like food, music and dance.  Of course, there is that rare occasion where you don't get to experience the colorful wedding festivities of a traditional South Asian wedding, but there are plenty of other things to make up for it! 

Most of the time, bridal henna feet get done on the traditional South Asian bride--Pakistani or Indian brides to be.  Sometimes, there is the inter-cultural wedding, where although the bride may not be South Asian, her to-be family is.  No matter what culture or tradition the feet come from, the bridal henna design is always stunning. 

Feet designs tend to be pretty symmetrical compared to the hand designs.  This is because obviously the feet are together, next to each other.  When you don't have a symmetrical design, it's more obvious on the feet.  The hands, on the contrary, can definitely have different designs on them, as they are separated by the body.  As long as the hands have a similar flow of design pattern, the bridal design looks symmetrical, without it being identical.  The feet look the best when they are identical. 

There is the occasional mistake or movement in the design, which is unforeseen.  For example, a band at the foot may be wider or narrower on one foot as compared to another.    Or the angle of a band might be more sharp on one foot compared to the other. 
Regardless of the tiny mistakes that may occur during a bridal henna feet application, there is no denying that once the design is complete, the little mistakes can be seen as beautifully bridal happy accidents! 

Happy Henna-ing!