DIY Henna Portfolio

This month's Workshop Wednesday features a DIY project that is fun for anyone with a creative mind!

The supplies and materials are very simple, and for the first time, do not require any henna!  Yes, big surprise!  This week, we will be working on designing a henna inspired portfolio for yourself, for a gift, or just to have for keeps.

There are a few things you will need for this project
  1. A blank, dark background portfolio (preferably leather material)
  2. 1-3 metallic sharpies
  3. a pencil with eraser 
  4. your creative juices

To get started, you need to first imagine what type of design you want your portfolio to have.  Imagine the design flow of the portfolio and sketch it out roughly with your pencil.  You can do this with as much or little detail as you want. 

Then, once you are happy with the layout of your design, prepare your portfolio.  Make sure there are no oily fingerprints on the portfolio.  Also, make sure that your work area is clear of any distractions, dust or liquids.  The last thing you want is an accident or spill.

Once you are ready, start drawing!  Using your metallic sharpies, start drawing the various henna inspired designs you have sketched or imagined.

Below are some tips on making this project amazing, and some design ideas and inspirations

  • take your time sketching out your layout and designs
  • have a clear idea of the color scheme you want to follow with the design
  • if you tend to sweat a lot, wear gloves
  • let the sharpie design dry completely before trying to go over with the details
  • work from the top to the bottom
  • rotate your portfolio in various directions to give your design interest
  • invest in a few portfolios to keep and give away
  • protect your portfolio from liquids and rain
  • wrap your portfolio in paper for easy gift giving
  • have fun as you work on this project!