Simple 5 minute Henna Designs

Doing henna is a wonderful way to stay relaxed, be artistic and to enjoy some creative time.  While intense and intricate designs are amazing to plan and apply, sometimes, you have go back down to the basics and play with simple, plain and somber designs that can be done in a matter of a few minutes.  This week's blog post features designs that took 5 minutes to complete.  We applied these on our acrylic hand templates and had a great time in the whole process.  These designs feature simple elements in henna like flowers, leaves, and paisleys. 

A simple element in a henna design is a band.  Bands can be applied at the wrist like a bracelet, or even at the fingers like rings.  

Repetitive designs are also simple to apply, but are beautiful and bold to look at.  A repeating flower motif is easy to apply and can be done very quickly. The same goes for a collection of swirls and dots.

A quick mandala, or a collection of flower and leaf motifs are beautiful and traditional henna elements.  Whatever type of design you decide to apply, it's important to have fun always!

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