Henna Business Tips

This week's Workshop Wednesday will introduce a new series in our blog series for the next several weeks.  Being an exclusive henna body art supplier, artists, and wholesalers, and being in this business for the last 9 years (yes, NINE YEARS!!), there are lots of things that we have learned along the way.   

We occasionally pass these tips along to you in forms of FREE eBooks, other blog series, like this one on Photographing your henna, and even pass along some words for thought and inspiration, like the series on Slow Henna. 

This next set of blog series will focus exclusively on business tips for the henna artist in you.  Now, a few disclaimers here: 

1-We are not in the business consultation business, but you can certainly contact us for a henna session and get a one on one coaching session with the creator of Henna Art. 

2-You should always follow the laws of the land—meaning, make sure you are doing things legally before you jump into some of these advice tips, for example, make sure you have al the proper business licensing met before going into the henna business

3-This series is by no means a business plan to start a henna business.  This is a series for people who are interested in one day operating a henna business.  It does not mean that the advice we offer here should be a reason for you to quit your day job and start doing henna.  

4-Just because you love doing henna, or really want to make money from it, doesn’t mean that you should jump into this.  Part of operating a henna business also has a whole portion of administrative and mundane tasks that you have to do in order to have a successful and sustainable business.  

5--You should definitely not do any of the things on this list either:  10 annoying things that newbie henna artists shouldn't do

Be sure to follow along in this Series.  You will find the image below on each of the posts which will take you to the entire series.


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