Jasper Folk Music Festival

Music festivals are an amazing place to be. You are in the great outdoors, with love music, local art and talent all around. The ambiance of an outdoor music festival creates balance and peace of mind, but also fosters an environment of creativity, challenging your inner self, and motivates you to go for your dreams!  It brings you fresh air and fresh insight on where you are in life and how far along you are to achieving your dreams.  

Not everyone is lucky enough to take part of a music festival. At Henna Art, we are not only lucky to take part in festivals that foster a creative environment, but get to be part of the environment and let people express their creativity. Henna body art is a great way for people to express themselves. When given an idea, our artists are able to great a piece of art that suits each person's personality. 

Jasper folk fest let us express our creativity, while adorning people with the beautiful art of Henna. In the middle of the town of Jasper, among the amazing Rocky Mountains, this autumn weather festival brought smiles on our faces and warmth in our hearts.

For many Jasper residents, this was the first time getting henna done.  This gave us an opportunity to spend the time to educate people on natural henna and how to make sure the art they are receiving is from a reputable artist.  Unfortunately, there are many artists out there that do henna but are not able to offer amazing quality art.  #raisethehennabar

Jasper Folk Fest was held September 9-11, 2016.  Unfortunately, the 2017 festival is cancelled this year because of construction on the festival site. 
If you feel like spreading the henna love, be sure to use hashtag #fortheloveofhenna on social media, showing off the free and beautiful art you give people, simply to educate them on amazing quality henna body art and to spread the love of henna.