Progressive drawing of a funky design part 3

This week's progressive drawing will feature a unique layout from our eBook Mehndi Look Book volume 1. This design is simple in that the layout is very basic. Start the design off by applying three intersecting bands. Start at the band at the top and work your way down making intersecting bands. In the scenario your want to extend the design, all you have to do is simply add more bands. 

Once your bands are laid out, go back to the top and start filling them in with various designs. How you fill the bands will determine the look and feel of the whole design pattern. We chose to fill the first band with a floral collection of elements. We also accented the bands with some buddy of leaves. 

In order to make the details standout, we also drew a boundary line INSIDE the bands and filled in that area. This gave the bands a clear and distinct border without taking away from the details of the fillers. 

Once you have worked your way to filling the band, move onto the next band. You will notice here that we simply filled this small intersecting band with a crisis cross pattern. This helped balance the next set of floral fillers as well as gave the pattern a more balanced flow. 

Finally, we filled the last set of band. This too was filled with a floral filler, however, the finger tip got a different twist. On the finger portion of this band, we opted to use a feathery filler all the way to the tip of the finger. 

One of the finishing touches we out on the design was to add details to the sides of the bands. This included small swirls and dots, and leaf buds. 

We are very pleased with whole look of this design and hope you like it as well!