Henna Business Tips Part 5

Henna Business Tips Part 5 will cover doing henna in a large setting.  Doing henna is so much fun and it gets better when you get to do it at a large festival.  Large festivals and fairs have a lot of people present, so it's easy to get customers.  At the same time, the booth fee for these festivals is really high, so you want to make sure you are able to get the most out of your henna experience.  

Festivals can be busy, tiring, hot, draining, and sometimes too hectic.  Here are 5 tips to make sure you survive doing henna at a large festival.  

1-Take breaks--even if you know you have a line up, make sure you take breaks. A 5-10 minute break will actually help with your productivity and you will be able to do better henna designs if your mind and body are fresh.

2-Keep a positive attitude--keeping the positive, fun energy at the booth is VITAL for attracting new customers and to enhance customer experience.  Who wants to wait in line and then have to deal with a grouchy person?  Keep smiling and keep up the positivity-even if your customer does not.  Your positive attitude will help you get through your day much better than keeping a negative attitude.

3-Have plenty of water and snacks--be sure to stay hydrated and well fed.  Keep finger foods and snacks handy so you can sneak a snack between customers.  You will need all the energy to function and do henna all day long, so don’t sacrifice on the treats!  Keep natural, low sugar treats nearby so you don’t have a bad sugar crash.  Fruits and veggies are great snacks to have and easy to pack and each. 

4-Have a booth babe--your booth babe is your best asset to your space during a busy festival.  Make sure he/she is well fed, hydrated and happy as well.  He/she will be the first contact your customers will have when they approach your booth.  Try to make sure the booth babe has henna on her hands to show to customers as an example. 

5-Invest in design books--invest in making sure your design books are organized and that you have multiple copies. A good idea is to have two copies and a master copy.  Have each design numbered and lettered for a price (for example, A=$5; B=$8; C=$10, etc).  Each design should have a number next to it as well.  The customer can pick the design he/she likes, and tell the booth babe the design number. When they come up to you, they tell you the design number and you flip through your master design book to apply the design according to their number and letter.  The letter helps you and the booth babe determine the price of the design.  You can also get the booth babe to collect the payment beforehand and give the customer a token or piece of paper with the design number and letter.

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