SIX Things about Bridal Henna You Did Not Think Of

Getting married is pretty exciting and can be stressful at the same time, but we are here to make things a bit easier for you.  There are a few things that your bridal artist will definitely tell you to make your bridal henna application easier, but there are SIX things you should keep in mind.  These are some tips that you didn't think about when getting your bridal henna done.

It will get cold!  Henna is a coolant and pulls heat out of the body.  Keep in mind that with henna all over your hands and feet, your body will naturally start to cool down.  Keep a blanket or shawl around so you can cover yourself up and stay warm.  Having a space heater nearby is also not a bad idea.  Be sure to load up on warm liquids like tea or hot water to keep your body warm.
The sugar and water/lemon juice aftercare solution will create a glare in your photographs.  Be sure to get all your photos and portraits done before applying this aftercare solution.  While the solution helps the henna stay on the skin, it can be avoided if there is sugar in the bridal henna paste. 
The design that your artist may show you on paper may be different on your skin.  That's because pen and paper is so much finer than the actual henna paste.  While your artist will do her best to replicate the design from the paper to your skin, be aware that there will be some changes.  Your hand size may not necessarily be the same as the hand template she used for the sketch.  Also, sometimes, some elements that are drawn out on paper look differnt when you actually apply them with henna.  Though your artist will do her best, do not get too caught up with the tiny details.
It will be harder than it seems to stay still.  If you think you're going to be okay, think again. Sitting still for 3 to 5 hours depending on how long your Bridal henna takes is a lot harder than what it seems. However, the more still you sit, the better it is for your henna artist to complete your Bridal henna in a more efficient and precise manner. If you feel like you're going to fidget or need to move a lot, let your artist know. This way she can give you breaks within her workflow.

You always hear opinions from someone else about your Bridal henna. Dreading seeing that Auntie that always has to put her two cents in two no matter what happens? Well, be prepared to hear two sense or maybe 25 sense from anyone and everyone at your Bridal henna party. While most people will be oohing and ahhing your Bridal henna design, be prepared to have those one or two people who will criticize the design, tell you to get more henna done, or tell her you've paid way too much for your design. Criticism or compliment just remember to keep a smile on your face and keep on going on.

Don't forget your payment for the bridal henna. Have an,envelope ready with either cash or your credit card details. And be prepared to tip your artist for her service. Many people forget that just like getting nails or hair done, the art of henna is a esthtic service that should be tipped well.