Naureen's Bridal Henna

A while back, we did some beautiful bridal henna for a beautiful bride, but never got a chance to share the henna photos! 

Naureen's feet featured a floral and paisley heavy design.  To break up the flowery designs, we added a couple of bands with a criss cross pattern.  This helped break up the swirly look of flowers and paisley, while giving the bridal feet a sandal like look. 

Naureen's hands got a similar design.  Bridal hands that were heavy on the floral and paisley designs.  These were also broken with edges with lines.  Breaking up the design in this manner helps to make the bridal henna design more balanced.  Harsh edges, such as bands or criss cross designs also create a visual appeal in the bridal design. 

You will also notice the glittery and sparkle embellishments on Naureen's design.  These were added with a handmade glitter gel, and self adhesive stones.  

This design was a design from our eBook Bridal Inspirations.  You can get your hands on a copy of Bridal Inspirations Volume 1 OR Volume 2 for under $10

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