Quick Henna Parties

Sometimes, as an artist, you get called out to do a quick henna party.  It's sometimes a gig at a school for "India Day" or a Student Union event.  Sometimes, quick henna gigs are last minute birthday parties or girl gatherings.  Whatever the scenario, it's important to be prepared with a quick henna party kit that is minimal, because let's be realistic, you sometimes just want to keep it simple.

Here are some of the things you should have in your Quick Henna Party Kit.

  • A small container to hold everything together (we painted a small design caddy black)
  • scissors (to cut your henna cones)
  • paper towels (we cut a 1/3 sheet of bounty into 4 small rectangles for single use and less waste)
  • business cards (bring a handful to pass out, and always give each person 2)
  • coupons or promo materials (we bring henna party discount postcards and product discount coupons)
  • a binder clip (to hold the top of your henna cone for better pressure)
  • social media promo (a small sign with your social media handle is great to display.  Our handle is written in glitter on the back of our little desk caddy)
  • table cloth/scarf/paper for background photos (sometimes a disposable table cloth or scrap material is perfect)