Simple Sangeet Style Henna Designs

The word Sangeet translates to 'sung together' from Sanskrit. The word “Sangeet “ means music, but when it is used as a term to describe a celebratory event during an Indian wedding it translates to Music Night or Musical party. This musical night is a celebration of the union of not only the couple but the bonding of both families.  

Among the many pre-wedding events that occur prior to the Hindu, Punjabi, and Gujurati wedding ceremonies, the Sangeet is where the party begins.  This is the event where the wedding festivities start with a lot of singing and dancing.  The celebratory event is usually hosted by the bride's family, where a few close relatives of the groom's family is invited.  Of course, modern day Sangeet parties can get as extravagant and formal as some wedding receptions themselves!

At times, the Sangeet party hosts a few henna artists to adorn the ladies with the ancient art of mehndi as a precursor to the wedding.  Sangeet parties are filled with lots of laughing, dancing and singing women, sometimes, making doing henna a difficual task for the artist.  

Below are some simple Sangeet style designs that an artist can apply.  These designs are quick applications, with unique elements and layouts.  OF course, you can also download some quick (and cheap!) eBooks with design ideas to include in your portfolio.

Also, don't forget to get your hands on our FREE Standard Party Designs PDF, which includes 12 simple designs to print out for your henna parties!