Finding henna powder

Henna has grown exponentially popular in the last several years.  With the popularity of henna, it's no wonder that local shops and boutiques have started to carry henna kits and powders.  While it's amazing to shop local and keep the money in the economy, you might want to consider these things when looking to purchase henna powder locally.  These five tips below will help you source great henna powder, locally.  Read to the end and get a sweet coupon discount.

What brand is the henna powder?  Do a quick google search to see if it's a popular brand or if the brand has a legitimate website or social media pages.

What are the ingredients of the powder?  US and Canadian as well as European laws require that ingredients in cosmetics be listed in order of content and must include their biological name.  You should look for lawsonia inermis for the biological name of henna powder.  There should be no other ingredients in the henna powder container.

What is the crop date of the powder?  Crop date is the date that the henna was harvested.  If you are searching for the freshest powder, look for powder from the most recent late summer date (July, August, September or October).  For example, if you are shopping in February 2018, look for a henna crop date of July to October 2017. 

What is the sift of the powder?  The sift of henna powder means how well it is sifted for what you are looking for.  You want a fine sift, so look for words similar to triple sift, super sift, fine sift.  The sift of the powder will determine the fine-ness of the powder.  You want a super smooth powder for body art applications--this will ensure that you don't get any twigs, sticks, stems, or leaves in your paste.  You also want a similar sift for your natural hair dye regime.  When henna powder is ground from leaves, you get a stronger staining powder. 

How is the henna powder stored and packaged?  Henna is best away from direct sunlight.  Look for thick packaging, like foil or paper to block out the sunlight.  Also, look to see that the henna is somewhat tightly packed--this eliminates extra space for moisture to get trapped. 

We hope these tips helped you get a better understanding of how to source henna powder locally.  If you still can't find henna powder, you can always order it online:  Use coupon code FINDINGHENNA to save 20% on your henna powder purchase through our website.  (valid on henna powder 100 grams).