Jagua Juice Experiment

We are so excited to share with you a spectacular and very detailed experiment we conducted with Jagua Juice.  Jagua (pronounced ha-gua) is the juice from the fru
it of the genipa americana tree, native to the Amazon and South America (although you will also find some Jagua trees in Mexico or even Florida!)

Our experiment started with 6 bowls of organic henna powder, 10 grams in each bowl.  We then made different proportions of liquid using Jagua Juice and water.  (water was boiled then cooled to room temperature).  We also added 2 mL of lavender essential oil to each mixture.  (Bulgarian lavender).

The percentages below are for the percent of JAGUA JUICE.

0%:  25 mL water

10%:  22.5 mL water; 2.5 mL jagua juice

25%: 18.5 mL water; 6.5 mL jagua juice

50%: 12.5 mL water; 12.5 mL jagua juice

75%: 6.5 mL water; 18.5 mL jagua juice

100%: 0 mL water; 25 mL jagua juice

The experiment was done at room temperature of approximately 23 degrees Celsius.

Once the mixtures were prepared, they were left at room temperature for 2 hours before being applied to the skin.  The pastes were applied to the skin with a spoon.  Once the paste was dried, hypafix tape was applied on top to prevent the paste from cracking off during sleep.  The paste was left on the skin for 8 hours, overnight, and then washed off with water in the morning.  Below is the stain result of the pastes at 4 hours after removal.

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