PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - Signature Henna Cones

Signature Henna Cones

The last feature of this year is our signature henna cones! These are the last of our Mehndi cones, which you can learn more about here: The link to our signature henna products is here:


ONE Handmade Signature Henna Cone. 25 g or approximately 1 fl. oz. Made with organic henna powder, sugar, essential oils, and lemon juice.  
  • signature henna recipe
  • very stringy henna paste (lots of elasticity)
  • 25 grams of paste / 1 ounce
  • made with organic henna powder
  • mixed with essential oils
  • contains sugar
  • made with lemon juice for a longer shelf life
  • packaged in hand rolled cello cone 
  • ready to use
  • no mess
  • lasts up to 6 months in the freezer
  • includes tips and tricks
  • order includes design ideas
  • care and storage instructions included
Our handmade henna cone is made with our freshest organic henna powder and essential oils. Each 25 g/1 ounce henna cone is ready for use immediately. Just follow the instructions and henna away! Each batch is hand mixed to the perfect consistency. The paste already contains sugar so the henna will stay on the skin for longer without flaking off too soon. The signature henna cone is hand rolled and individually filled with fresh henna paste. We recommend you use the cones as you want, and freeze the rest to last up to 6 months.   
Consistency and Flow:
The consistency and flow of henna cones is very important. The consistency of the Signature Henna Cone is smooth, but very stringy and elasticy. We recommend this henna for experienced henna artists who are well aware of working with henna paste that is elasticy. (if you are a beginner or intermediate artist, we recommend using our Jamila Cones). The flow of this henna cone will allow you to apply long, draping lines on the skin. This does require some prior experience and practice. The henna cone is packaged in cello cones, making it easy to work with. 
Signature Henna Recipe:
Our Signature henna recipe contains the following ingredients: 
  • Organic henna powder (lawsonia inermis)
  • lemon juice
  • sugar
  • tea tree essential oil
  • cajeput essential oil
  • naiouli essential oil
Recommended Uses:
We recommend you use henna cones for body art applications. When the cones arrive to you, keep only what you will use right away in the fridge, and FREEZE the rest of the henna paste. When you are ready to use your henna, just thaw one cone or bottle at a time. Each 25 g cone/1 ounce cone of handmade henna will give you enough henna for 10-15 small designs, or 1 full bridal hand/leg design. The ready to use henna cones are made in small batches in our studio so you don't have to deal with the mess of mixing, straining or coning. 
Each order includes an ingredient card, tips and tricks, instructions on storage and use, and design ideas. You can also use cones with squeeze bottles (we recommend that you keep the cones frozen until you are ready to use it with the bottles--squeeze the paste into the bottle right before use). 
Keep in mind, henna paste is perishable, and will lose dye quality if you freeze and thaw the paste multiple times. Freeze in a freezer safe container or bag to keep the cones from getting freezer burns. Use within 6 months. 
Henna paste must be carefully made to perfection in order to get the right consistency, stain quality, and flow. Our henna paste is handmade in small batches and tested each time for stain quality. Henna paste starts with raw materials. The henna is grown in hot, arid climates, like the farms of Morocco, India, and Pakistan. The henna is harvested just before the cooler months and monsoon seasons. Once harvested, the plants are put in the sun to dry. When the plants are dry, they are moved into large bags and transported to an indoor facility. This is where the henna plant gets ground up into a powder. Industrial machines help separate the leaves from the veins and sticks. The leaves get crushed into a powder and sifted multiple times to yield a smooth, silky powder. 
The powder is stored and packed in a temperature controlled facility. When we import the henna, we store the powders in a cool, dark place. Contrary to modern thought, henna should be stored in a cool, dark place, and NOT in the fridge or freezer. The powder is exposed to too much moisture in the fridge or freezer and will lose dye quality if not stored properly.
We mix the henna powder in small batches for our various pre-made pastes and cones. The henna powder gets mixed with lemon juice or water and sugar. We then add essential oils (for body art paste) and let the mixture rest. This resting time allows the henna paste go through dye release. Dye release is the time henna requires in order to release the lawsone dye molecule. This molecule is released with the presence of heat and acidity. We wait about 8-12 hours before packaging the henna paste. 
The henna paste gets packaged into carrot bags first. Our Pre-Made paste is packed in carrot bags so the user can fill his/her own applicator. To make henna cones or mehndi cones, the henna gets squeezed into mylar or cello cones from the carrot bag. We then individually seal each henna cone and tape it shut. Each cone is then stored flat in our freezer until it is ready for use. We store ALL of our henna paste in the freezer. Henna paste can last up to 6 months in the freezer, 3-5 days in the fridge, and only 2-3 days at room temperature. It is best to store unused henna paste in the freezer. Repeated freezing and thawing will make the paste lose dye quality.