Q&A Essential Oil Sourcing

Every month, we will try to feature a question that someone has asked and provide you with a thorough answer.  This week's question is from Masooma.  She asked the following:

How important is it to buy essential oils from the bestest company in town and not from the locally available brands(not very well known but reasonably priced and good packaging)?? Does it have a great impact on staining ability?? What about using them in other products like balms, massages, kids winter therapy etc.??
I mean of course everyone wants the best but is it really worth it to stretch your budget or normal ones work just fine too?
Here is our answer:

Hello fellow henna artist and customer!

Essential oils are an important addition to the henna paste for body art.  It helps achieve a strong, deep dye in all climates, especially those climates that are different from henna climates (hot, arid, dry climates with low rainfalls).

Keep in mind that essential oils are processed by only a few major companies which are then purchased from other vendors and sold to customers. So the essential oil you get from an MLM (doterra, young living, etc) are exactly the same as any other supplier. The MLMs have increased their pricing in order to gain a profit.

There are a few major wholesale suppliers of essential oils in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. These companies address purchasing essential oils from the source, and obviously adding a premium to the price before selling to other wholesalers. Then those wholesalers are purchasing the essential oils in bulk and packaging into smaller bottles and then selling again. Many of the henna suppliers are 3rd or 4th down in the chain of essential oil product.

This is where important questions like storage, chemical composition and date of distillation are important questions to ask. If you are just trying to access some EOs quick, be sure you are using the right types of essential oils specifically for henna body art.  When searching for oils, you want to use
the ones with high levels of terpineol or linalool. Linalool is found in lavender EO. Terpineol is prevalent in tea tree (australian), cajeput, naiouli, geranium, frankincense, eucalyptus globulus, to name a few. You will know you have a good supplier when they are also able to offer you lab results from gas chromatography and/or infrared spectrometry.

Whether you are using the essential oils for henna body art, or other body products, just be sure to source the best possible essential oils.

Here are things to look for in essential oils:

  • steam distilled
  • date of distillation
  • storage procedures of the supplier
  • what the essential oils are stored in
  • any test results from chromatography or spectrometry
  • levels of terpineol or linalool
You can purchase essential oils from us for the fraction of the cost of what Young Living or DoTerra would sell them for.  Get steam distilled essential oils here:  www.HennaArt.ca/essential-oils