PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT - Organic Cassia Powder

Organic Cassia Powder

Today, we are featuring a product from our NATURAL HAIR CARE LINE. Today, you will learn all about Organic Cassia Powder. Our product highlight will teach you what product will work best for your for your Natural Hair Care journey and regime. If you want to learn more about natural hair dye and how to get started, be sure to get your hands on our free ebook A GUIDE TO HEALTHY HAIR (

100 grams Certified Organic Cassia powder for hair.  Cassia obovata is an organic powder derived from the cassia plant, to help achieve light tones for light hair in natural hair dying.  2018 harvest from India. 

  • 100 grams
  • Certified organic
  • 2018 crop
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Expires December 2020

Our Organic Cassia powder is from the Rajasthan region of India.  Our organic cassia powder is best used on light hair to help dye the hair blonde.  Please keep in mind, cassia CANNOT help dye your hair blonde—it will help you dye your graying hair blonde.  Your order includes instructions on use for natural hair dye.  
Each packet is vacuum packed in a clear bag, then sealed with a foil bag on the outside.  This prevents the cassia from being exposed to too much light and air.  You should store the cassia powder in a cool, dark place, like a closet or medicine cabinet.  Contrary to modern belief, DRY cassia or other herbal powders should NOT be stored in the fridge or freezer, as it increases exposure to moisture and the chance of freezer burns.  
Our organic cassia powder is recommended for natural hair dye use to help cover gray hairs shades of blonde.  
Natural Hair Dye:  Organic cassia powder that is finely ground makes it the perfect choice for using this powder for natural hair dye.  Fresh cassia powder, from the 2015 crop, that is finely ground means the powder does not contain twigs, sticks, or leaves.  We recommend that you gently sift the cassia powder before mixing in order to break up clumps of cassia due to vacuum seal.  You should use cassia by itself or with henna to Naturally Dye your Hair light shades.  Please remember, cassia CANNOT help lighten the hair—it will only help cover gray hairs shades of blonde or strawberry blonde when mixed with henna.  
Our organic cassia powder will help you achieve tones of blonde to strawberry blonde when mixed with henna.  Mix the powder with warm water or lemon juice and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes.  Then, mix the cassia paste with your other herbal pastes and apply it to your hair.  Organic cassia powder used by itself or with henna is a safe, natural and organic alternative to chemical hair dyes.  More information on natural hair dye can be found here:  Naturally Dye your Hair
Full instructions, recipes and details can be found here:

  • 50 grams for touch ups or root applications
  • 100 g for short hair
  • 200 g for collar length straight hair
  • 300 g for shoulder length straight hair
  • 500 g for waist length hair
Conditioner and Anti-Fungal:  Organic cassia powder can be used as a natural conditioner and anti-fungal.  Mix with warm water and apply to your hair and scalp and leave it in for 30-90 minutes.  Cassia as a conditioner helps with dandruff, soften the hair and tame curly hair.  
Cassia Obovata is one of many species of the cassia plant.  There are over 400 species of cassia that grows around the world, including Egypt, Pakistan and India.  Some of these species contain a high level of chrysophanic acid, which is an anti-fungal. 
Cassia looks and smells just like henna powder, however works differently.  Cassia helps achive a yellow/golden tone when used to dye, whereas henna helps achieve red tones.  It will not stain the hands immediately like henna does.  When used in proportions with henna powder for hair, cassia helps tone down the natural red tones from henna, while conditioning and treating the scalp. When used with lemon juice, cassia can help acheive blonde tones when dying hair. 
As a conditioner, Cassia helps to make the hair glossy and thick, promotes a healthier, and dandruff free scalp. You can think of a cassia obovata treatment similar to a protein treatment. It strengthens the hair, closes the cuticle, and adds shine.  It also as a relaxing property similar to henna, by helping tame unruly, curly hair.  After an application, your hair will feel stronger and look shinier.
Recently, cassia has been labelled as “neutral henna.”  However, there is no such thing as neutral henna, and this is just a misnomer and bad marketing by companies.  “Neutral henna” is actually cassia obovata.  Those boxes that say neutral henna, are just a way to "fool" the consumer into thinking that you are really purchasing henna for your hair, but it's neutral. The reasoning for this is because cassia looks just like henna powder, but does not dye like henna powder.   Instead, marketers can fool consumers into thinking they are buy “neutral henna” since cassia has such a positive conditioning effect on the hair, similar to henna, without dying the hair.   Read more on cassia on our BLOG: