Q&A Henna Powder Sifting

Every month, we will feature a question that someone has asked and will provide you with a thorough answer.  This week's question is from Shivee.  She asks the following question: 

I have a question about your henna powder. Do you have to sift the paste to get rid of any twigs or hard pieces?

The henna powder we supply does NOT need to be sifted.  The powder is sifted before we get it packaged, so there are not twigs or hard pieces.  You may find that the powder is a little clumpy, or has small lumps in the powder when you empty the contents into a bowl.  This is because the powder is vacuum sealed and the small specks of powder have just stuck to each other.  If you use a spoon or fork, you will be able to break up the break up the lumps of henna, or just use an electric mixer to blend the henna with your liquid (water, lemon juice, tea, etc).  When we mix the henna powder, we spend a little extra time with the electric mixer to make sure that all the little lumps are broken down. 

You can certainly choose to strain the henna paste once it is mixed.  The best way to do this is by having a cup or glass ready with a carrot bag (or zipper bag).  Then, put a nylon stocking into the cup OVER the carrot bag.  Then, squeeze the paste and bring it from the nylon stocking into the carrot bag.  (tutorial coming soon). This method does require a lot of patience and power, but the result will be a smooth paste.